Spinning Plates

Part 1

Have you ever felt like your life at any moment in time was a balancing act?  Do you know those acts with the spinning plates?  The ones they spin on fingers, heads, and sticks?  A couple weeks ago, I felt like this was my life.  Where each obstacle that was coming our way was a spinning plate that I had to find the time and space to balance. For a while, I felt like I was rocking it!  Nearly each week I had a doctors appointment for at least one of my kids.  Several weeks, I had at least one appointment each day!  I was so proud of how I managed to get each child out the door with a handmade packed lunch on time for school.  Teeth were being brushed and flossed. Dinners were being made with mostly organic, natural ingredients, no preservatives, non gmo, ect, which is a full time job in itself!  I was remembering to have my girls take their newly added allergy medications that they needed both morning and night.  I was managing to get them in bed, with homework completed, at a decent time. And still able to keep track of all of the appointments (I have and use 3 calendars to help with this!), AND make it to the appointments, most of which are an hour away, on time!!  I was feeling like a freakin’ rockstar!!  

spinning plates

But inevitably, there was a plate that came that sent all the plates crashing to the ground.  For me this “plate” was the dentist appointment we had for Adylaede where they told me they needed to extract her top two front teeth. In August, she had fallen and bumped her teeth on the concrete in Central Park in New York, where we were visiting while hosting our French friend.  By, the end of September, one of her front teeth was beginning to turn black and her other was turning an orangish-red.  She also had a little pus bubble, from the abscess, visible on her gums above her front tooth.  The dentist took xrays and told us they would need to be pulled.  While the dentist scheduler was discussing the process with me about how she would need to have these surgically removed,  I kept thinking she is 4; these teeth normally come in around the age of 7. My baby girl’s smile will forever be changed.  It will never be the same and it will not be the gradual normally awkward process. It will be an overnight difference. She will go to sleep in the hospital bed and wake up with 2 missing teeth and this will be her new smile for the next 3 years! I broke down in tears in the office and I’m pretty sure I cried off and on for the next 3 days!  Now, I honestly have no idea if I was actually crying about baby teeth, or more likely that it was about the teeth AND the overwhelming schedule / other health related revelations that were all shattered around me.  But nonetheless I focused on the teeth; that beautiful smile that I knew I would miss.  

My ELSA for Halloween. You can see her front teeth changing colors.

*I am still waiting on the scheduler to call me with her hospital appointment, because of her underlying health concerns, she needs a lot of doctors to give her the clearance to have the surgery with anesthesia.*

You can read PART 2 -about all of the appointments and the diagnosis by clicking on this sentence.

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