Sophea and the ORANGE

This blog was written so long ago, but I wanted all my stories to be in one place. Happy Orange-aversary Sophea!! I can’t believe this was TWELVE years ago. August 14, 2007 is the worst and one of the best days of my entire life! It started out as an average Tuesday morning. I woke up… Continue reading Sophea and the ORANGE

Kindergarten. That’s how I ROLL.

Kindergarten. That’s how I ROLL. August 2018: The first day of the school year. The day I began my first job outside my home in about 15 years, the day my firstborn became a senior in high school, and the day my baby entered kindergarten. (And not to leave them out, I also have a… Continue reading Kindergarten. That’s how I ROLL.

Reality of a Diagnosis

I’ve been struggling with how to begin this blog post for a couple months now. So I thought I’d try something a little different. To open, I asked Sophea if there was anything she wanted to include in our blog and my social butterfly was excited to participate: “I feel very overwhelmed with all of… Continue reading Reality of a Diagnosis